May 24, 2016, San Francisco, CA - Corbin Church, CEO of CTT, was invited to speak at the SID Touch Market Conference this week, and received an enthusiastic reception from the attending delegates. Speaking on ‘Piezoelectric 3D Multi-Touch’, Corbin’s talk covered the innovations behind the new approach to Multi-Touch force sensing, and the advantages this has for touch-based applications from smart watches to large screen displays. 

The annual Conference, which was held in San Francisco, is the most-anticipated gathering on the calendar and once again attracted a large following of industry players and media. 3D Multi-Touch technology is enjoying significant traction from industry players, especially OEMs who are looking for differentiation or to add value to their products.  

"We were overwhelmed by the interest levels of our 3D Multi-Touch solution at the Touch Market Conference this year", said Church.  "This has validated to us the challenges that industry faces in implementing the older first-generation 3D Touch, and how OEMs are keen to adopt next-generation solutions like CTT's that make it much easier and less costly for them to adopt force sensing touch across all smart devices and form factors."

The talks in this session were followed by a panel discussion moderated by Calvin Hsieh, Principal Analyst, Touch and User Interface, from market research firm IHS Technology.