AI-Powered, 3D Multi-Touch for Next Generation Smart Devices


CTT uses a combination of a proprietary AI engine running unique signal processing algorithms, and a specialized Piezoelectric Force Film, to enable the world’s simplest sensor architecture that delivers superior functionality at lower cost, and scales to all device sizes and shapes (including curved)


CTT technology is designed for both LCD and OLED, and is uniquely suited for new flexible OLED display technology better than any other competing force sensing solution


3D Multi-Touch is ENGAGING


Use one, two or more fingers for a richer user experience

Get high sensitivity and consistent performance - from edge to edge

Save your battery and do more on a single charge

Thin, light and flexible


3D Multi-Touch is SCALEABLE

From smart watches to the largest screens.

Compatible with next-gen flexible OLED Displays.

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Lower cost, simpler processes, compatible with existing touch screen and display production lines



Unleash the power of three dimensions – for a new generation of intuitive, immersive applications


gaming●  drawing●  designing●  playing music●  wearables●  navigation●  interaction

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